My specialty areas encompasses healing pain and extreme traumas from motor vehicle and industrial accidents, assaults, rape, and gunshot wounds.  My mission is to deliver extraordinary healing with compassion, integrity, and impart knowledge for body, mind, and spiritual healing.  

What sets me apart?

  • My many years of experience of working with the most severe traumas.
  • My success at helping them heal.
  • My expertise and in-depth skills using craniosacral therapy and manual lymphatic drainage was developed from thousands of hours of hands-on work with trauma in a hospital setting. 
  • My work received recognition when insurance companies outside the hospital's network paid for my craniosacral and lymphedema therapy services.
  • Knowing I am blessed and honored to have worked with trauma survivors using alternative treatments in a hospital setting. 

When I work with pain, trauma, and anxiety, I use a blended technique of:

  • CranioSacral Therapy - works with the tissues, muscles, basically the misalignment of your body and restores equilibrium to the nervous system and body.
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage - works with the lymphatic fluid flow, which is so important for nourishing cells in the body and the brain.
  • External Qi Healing - works with the electromagnetic energy flow in the body.  (EQH is a respected branch of Chinese medicine.)

My clinical treatment decisions are not made on the basis of your diagnosis, but rather on your body's design, its vertical, horizontal and parallel alignment, and your emotional needs.  When you experience pain or anxiety there is dysfunctional motion.  When I work with you, I work to increase design motion, as only design motion restores health.

Most critical to you is the ability of a therapist to identify the problem so you can progress from a pathological condition to a functional state quickly.  I am able to reproduce healing results consistently which complements your health, your time, and your pocketbook.

I offer holistic healing by:


Forming a partnership with YOU for your health

  • An ever changing and dynamic area is nutrition and supplements.  I have a wealth of knowledge in this area and offer consultation services to increase your understanding on how to heal.  You can heal.
  • Inner and outer health are related. We have the capacity to influence what is going on in our bodies, but first, we must learn how.  I can teach you.
  • Millions of dollars are spent each year on over the counter supplements -- find out how to avoid those that do not work.
  • The knowledge you gain from one consultation will improve your health, save you money, and assist you in making powerful decisions about your health.

Healing from Post-Traumatic Stress

  • Understand the biochemical process of trauma. This knowledge can spring you forward in your recovery!
  • Learn about the unconscious process of the mind that can be repeated in one's life after trauma and learn to interrupt that process.
  • Increase your knowledge of available therapies that aid in trauma healing.

What I hear from my patients is they do not want to take medications, nor do they want surgeries.  My patients wish to heal.

About Occupational Therapists 

  • Receive extensive training and education of the human life span pertaining to physical disabilities and mental health
  • Neuroanatomy, and gross anatomy classes require course and laboratory work
  • A master's degree is required to become a registered occupational therapist
  • Occupational therapists are body, mind and spirit therapists because of their training
  • Occupational therapists found in physical medicine and rehabilitation are seen as functional therapists
  • Their job is to increase a patient's level of independence.  Many occupational therapists become specialists


I can offer natural and alternative ways to heal ~ contact me.