Traumatic Brain Injuries

Treatment for traumatic brain injury requires a highly skilled, sensitive, and experienced craniosacral therapist.  Advanced degrees and specialty training is important.

If you are searching for treatment for a loved one who has suffered a head injury, please know that as difficult as this diagnosis is much healing can happen and it can happen relatively quickly.   Pain and anxiety are impediments to the patient’s progress.  Pain stops them from moving.  Medications for pain and anxiety often dull their thinking.

Craniosacral therapy aligns the body, relieves the pain, and restores the nervous system to a peaceful state.  When pain and anxiety start to resolve, medications will be decreased, sleep will improve, and their clarity of thinking will ensue.  Choosing a therapist with expertise and experience in treating trauma will help move your loved one forward in their recovery. 

Please feel free to ask me questions.  I have years of trauma treatment experience and work closely with case managers and physicians for patient’s with this diagnosis.

Success Story

A 26 year old male was assaulted in the head with a blunt object.  He was diagnosed with a closed head injury.  He suffered severe face and jaw pain on the left side. He had multiple types of therapies and even had pain injections, but still, no relief from pain.  After suffering with pain for 7 months, he was sent for craniosacral therapy treatments on a trial basis to see if it would help.  Six craniosacral therapy treatments eliminated his pain.


"For many years, I have been suffering from chronic headaches, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, anxiety, hypersomnia and overall sadness. Life became overwhelming and hopeless; to where I had reached the point of detachment from my physical and emotional pain. I had nearly no self-awareness causing me to be blind to the cause of these symptoms. With Karen’s multifaceted expertise and commitment to helping her patients heal; she guided me to the root of my array of symptoms. She helped me discover that these were due to a car accident about six years ago. Not having an advocate or adequate medical care at this time had exacerbated damage caused by this trauma.

Karen became my “everything”. She gave me a safe place to talk about this accident and heal emotionally. Her CranioSacral Therapy simply amazed me; I could feel my body shifting after every session. She was able to align my back, shift my hips, neck and shoulder. She also gave me a diet plan and supplements to help my brain heal from the trauma of the accident. Karen worked with my PM&R doctor and also became a strong advocate for me.

I feel like a different person now. While there were many variables involved in my healing process; Karen’s work was a vital component. I rarely have headaches; my sleep is improving, I’m much less anxious, happier, feel more in control of my life, and no longer take medicine for pain on a daily basis. I’m still healing but, my life finally seems hopeful." 

Courtney, Ann Arbor