Events and Presentations:

Karen is a licensed therapist who wishes to “build a bridge” between the public, the medical community, and alternative medicine by sharing her knowledge of successful ways to eliminate pain and anxiety.  Karen’s “Lecture Series For Health” is a part of that “bridge”.  Only by identifying and choosing the correct path for healing can we move past medications and surgery. 

2015 Welcoming my expanded practice in Bloomfield Hills!

I was invited by Dr. Debby Feinberg to expand my practice and I couldn't be more excited for this new experience and change.

2014 Training on Domestic Violence at Safe House in Ann Arbor, MI

Forty hours of training was well spent on learning the effects of domestic violence on women and children. Most men are not abusers, but most abusers are men. To stop the violence silence needs to be broken and we need to listen. Our society continues to blame the woman: "Why didn't she just leave?" But the question needs to be: "Why does HE abuse?" The insidious brain washing to the woman is slow, erroding her esteem over time, and complicated by her love and wish for him to change. Statistically; rarely does he change, even with intensive therapy. When she leaves, the woman is at high risk for being murdered within the next two years. Children can be sexually abused as punishment to the mother. Because of the massive amounts manipulation, coercion, and our societies lack of empathy and support for the woman she will remain in this cycle of abuse for years.

My volunteer work at Safe House is to provide play, fun, and safety for the children. The transformation I witness is phenomenal! Please support your local domestic violence shelter with your money and/or time. Their lives depend on a society that cares.

2013 Educational Inservice with Vision Specialists in Farmington Hills, MI

Dr. Debby Feinberg and her vision staff were educated on the healing effects of craniosacral therapy after head trauma. Dr. Feinberg has been noticing positive visual changes with her head trauma patients after they had received a series of crainosacral therapy. She wished for her and her staff to understand the treatment procedure and how it effects the nervous system.

2012 Professional Conferences

Chicago - Collaboration with multiple therapists on cognitive retraining methods using Byron Katie inquiry technique for changing negative thought processes which generate fear.

New York - Educational seminar on effects of trauma on the endocrine system and how to support the body. Targeted nutritional support and trauma diet.

2011 Presentations

What Every Therapist Needs to Know About Healing Pain, Saturday, October 15, 2011, 11:30-1:30 at the Michigan Occupational Therapists Association Fall Conference, Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island.   

Recent Presentations

University of Michigan School of Nursing, Integrative Healthcare, Complementary Therapies and Alternative Healing Class -- January 2011

Karen participated in a panel discussion on body therapies.  She shared her expertise on healing traumatic brain injuries with craniosacral therapy to graduate nursing students.

Alternative Methods of Healing Pain, Anxiety, and Depression

There are now alternative methods of healing.  Karen Jones shared: 1) problems caused by misalignment of the spine and corrective measures;   2) pain reduction exercises, the importance of fluid flow for bathing and calming nerve cells; and 3) gaining insight into body bio-chemistry and learning what contriutes to anxiety and depression.  Participants experiencing pain can volunteer for a mini-treatment during the class.  The presenter, Karen Jones is a registered occupational therapist who specializes in healing trauma and pain.  Held at the Turner Senior Resource Center in Ann Arbor, MI

Golden Coins Can’t Buy Health – Knowledge is Power Lecture Series for Health   -- Identify ways you can direct your health to avoid disease and disability; learn three key things that can make a big difference in how you feel; understand that knowledge is the powerful tool required for health!

A Comprehensive Approach to Healing Fibromyalgia -- Provided a working knowledge of effective treatments (beyond medication) for this complex condition; also which foods may be contributing to your pain and the significance of vitamin D3’s effects on sleep and pain.

Healing Back Pain -- Provided a working knowledge of effective treatments beyond surgery and medications and why they work; explained the significance of Vitamin D3's effects on pain; described body mechanics, ergonomics and appropriate exercises for the elimination of pain.


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