Karen's Personal Successes

  • Forgiven, Karen's father-daughter story of healing, was aired on National Public Radio, The Moth Story. Listen to it here.

  • Viviane Silvera, a film maker and artist contacted me after listening to my Moth Story. Viviane wishes to make a documentary of my story. Viviane said she listened to the story over and over and each time she was deeply moved. Watch here for upcoming information on the documentary.


"I didn't think I could get better. I got my life back!" 

-- the most frequent comment following treatment


 "In August of 2009, I was looking at assisted living homes, as my lower back and legs were so painful.  I had tried pain pills, shots, clinics and physical therapy -- nothing gave me relief.
A friend suggested I try the healing powers of Karen Jones (craniosacral therapy).  I had pain relief after the first treatment.  Today I am pain free and independent again."
God bless you Karen.
Nina P., Milan

 "Karen made the impossible possible. My sister suffered with debilitating pain, a traumatic brain injury, and spent her days and nights in bed or on the couch for eight years after being removed from her car by the jaws of life. My sister, Suzana was on xanax, lyrica, fentanyl pain patches. Her bowel movements were every third day and the size of her thumb, twisted and hard. Suzana was miserable and all who loved her felt helpless and hopeless about her condition. Then she started craniosacral therapy treatments with Karen. My sister's life changed. Suzana went off xanax, and reduced her fentanyl patches. I witnessed a miracle happening to my sister from Karen's treatments. My sister goes for walks, book stores, and danced with her husband for the first time in eight years. She smiles and laughs now. I pray that anyone who has been in a traumatic accident seek the help of this gifted therapist, as they will heal. God has blessed the heart and hands of this wonderful woman."

Violet, Sterling Heights



Before I came to you I pretty much given up, nothing was going my way. I was  losing myself and my family along with everything I had worked for. I wasn't getting the help I needed and the doctors were just pawing me off to the next. The last result was moving to Eisenhower Center where I met you and my life changed for the better. My whole thought process was different along with my body functions. Before I came to you I was having 3-4 seizures a day, passing out from painful spasms and headaches. After the first session I seen a change. The best part was you knew my pain and struggle before I opened my mouth. The accident change me, but working with you I am able to start a new life. I can't even find the right words to say how thankful and blessed I am to have crossed your path.

Paris Howard

Dear Karen,

"Sometimes you have to stop and take more than a moment to let the people who make a difference in your life know what they mean to you. You are one of the healers God has placed in my life's path. You have not only helped with healing the brokenness of my car shattered body but with the brokenness within my heart. Through your belief and faith in something you have seen in me, you have given me a runway to begin to fly with these broken wings that are still healing and getting stronger day by day.

Thank you, Karen, for being such a caring, compassionate, gifted healer who purposes to use your abilities in such a dedicated way that those of us who are blessed to partake in those abilities are forever changed by it and by you. We are lucky people. God Bless You."

Love, Eva, Ypsilanti


"I feel the stars and the moon and the sun aligned for me beginning with the day you placed your hands on me.  I truly appreciate your inner wisdom, your years of research and discovery, the way in which you support me.

When my husband and his sister gave your services to me as a birthday gift little did any of us know the life changing affects that our first encounter with you would lead towards!

Thank you for your support and continual outreach to me, as I remove myself of the parasites that have been within my system for years! You know and I know you saved my life."

I deeply appreciate you!"

Cathy, Arizona


"On July 17th, 2011 my life changed drastically. I drive drag race cars as a weekend hobby and the unthinkable happened....I wrecked. After flipping the car six times at speeds over 120 mph, I seemed to get out unscathed. My safety equipment had done its job to protect the driver. While I seemed fine, other than minor physical injuries, I soon learned the hard way that my injuries were many, but not seen to the naked eye. I was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, spinal damage, and vision damage.

My treatment soon began with many visits to several different therapists and doctors. After several months, I was truly blessed when I was referred to Karen Jones. She has been the main reason that I have progressed so greatly. With her gentle and effective treatments, I, as well as others, can see the drastic and positive improvements I have made. She has had so much experience and gained so much knowledge for healing my type of injuries that there was no way she could fail at healing me. Karen has made a large impact on my life not only as my therapist, but also as an inspiration and support for me to do great things.

I am happy to report that I am doing very well now, just over a year after my accident. I have been able to resume my life without pain and fatigue. I have been attending a very rigorous trade school for a few months now and have been able to get back to living my life. I am even planning to get back into the drivers seat of a race car next spring, and I can't wait! A year is a long time to not be able to be yourself, but I have survived it and come out even better than before, and a big reason for that is the treatment I was fortunate enough to receive. Thank you Karen. I am truly grateful for you.

Liz, Saline
"I was injured in a car accident in June 2010.  I was diagnosed with a soft tissue injury in my right hip that caused pain to radiate down my leg and interfered greatly with my ability to walk.  My treatment plan started with chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy, all very enjoyable but my pain was not abated.  I received 44 physical therapy sessions also with no appreciable relief from my symptoms.
After 11 months I was referred to Karen Jones and I went limping into her office on May 4, 2011.  After a brief history review she was able to accurately diagnose the source of my pain, and to track the pain as it radiated down my leg.  Karen’s therapeutic treatments were absolutely successful in treating my pain and now I walk as well as I did before my injury.  In addition Karen gave me a series of exercises to do at home that have helped me to heal even faster.  I am truly grateful for the physical and emotional relief I have received after being in pain for so long.  Above and beyond my original condition, Karen recommended nutritional supplements that have helped me with areas of my health that have been issues for 60 years.

I found Karen Jones to be a dedicated and compassionate professional.  I would highly recommend her medical services to anyone."

Bonnie Lou Harnish, Ann Arbor, MI


"Health care practitioners that I recommend must not only possess a great deal of knowledge, they must be willing to blend their treatments with other health care practices.  I expect that traditional practitioners will blend with complementary techniques.  I also expect that they will apply their knowledge and skill with compassion.  Because of these high standards,  I only recommend a small number of health care practitioners to my family and friends.  

Karen Jones is one of those health care practitioners that I whole heartedly recommend.  I have received wonderful care from her that enabled me to heal from significant issues.  I have sent my son to her as well.  She was able to establish a healing relationship with him allowing him to heal from long standing issues and make positive changes in his life.  

Karen Jones possesses a vast knowledge base regarding the physiology of our bodies.  She also has an innate ability to know where to work to release trauma and encourage healing.  She applies this knowledge and skill with an unwavering sense of compassion.  I highly recommend Karen Jones."  

Roxane Chan
PhD Candidate
University of Michigan
School of Nursing

"My back pain was so severe I received quarterly epidural steroid injections in the lumbar region at a approximately $2500.00 per procedure for the fees by the hospital, doctor, and anesthetist.  Additionally there were monthly visits and additional costs to the back pain doctor.  I felt bad for my insurance company, and even worse because my back pain kept coming back after the shots.  After about two years of this regimen, I was told that I needed back surgery and they set up an appointment for a visit to a back surgeon.  Then I met Karen Jones, and she told me that she thought she could help me, and, BOY, did she!  Even after my pain was gone, I kept thinking it might return, but it hasn't, and now it has been four years and I am still pain free."
Jim L., Chelsea, MI
"Karen Jones is a remarkable craniosacral therapist, who is always growing her skill-base. She has excellent hands-on abilities, and reliably helps my patients with both acute structural problems and with deep healing.
In fact, she brings a passion for healing to every encounter, and is able to address areas for improvement on many levels, including nutritional, emotional, and spiritual. 
I am grateful that my patients can receive the kind of compassionate, competent care that Karen Jones provides."
Steven Thiry, M.D.
Chair, Dept. of Family Medicine
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
Ann Arbor, MI


"Thank you for helping me believe in happy endings."
Carl – trauma survivor, Detroit


"For many years, I have been suffering from chronic headaches, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, anxiety, hypersomnia and overall sadness. Life became overwhelming and hopeless; to where I had reached the point of detachment from my physical and emotional pain. I had nearly no self-awareness causing me to be blind to the cause of these symptoms. With Karen’s multifaceted expertise and commitment to helping her patients heal; she guided me to the root of my array of symptoms. She helped me discover that these were due to a car accident about six years ago. Not having an advocate or adequate medical care at this time had exacerbated damage caused by this trauma.

Karen became my “everything”. She gave me a safe place to talk about this accident and heal emotionally. Her CranioSacral Therapy simply amazed me; I could feel my body shifting after every session. She was able to align my back, shift my hips, neck and shoulder. She also gave me a diet plan and supplements to help my brain heal from the trauma of the accident. Karen worked with my PM&R doctor and also became a strong advocate for me.

I feel like a different person now. While there were many variables involved in my healing process; Karen’s work was a vital component. I rarely have headaches; my sleep is improving, I’m much less anxious, happier, feel more in control of my life, and no longer take medicine for pain on a daily basis. I’m still healing but, my life finally seems hopeful."

Courtney J., Ann Arbor


"Upon suffering from severe facial pain and having allergies to pain medications and most pharmaceutical drugs, my primary care physician, Dr. Steven Thiry, referred me to Karen Jones, a craniosacral therapist.
Under Karen's care my facial pain has gotten much better and most of the time gone.

As Karen's therapy includes whole body healing, I've also experienced fewer and less severe migraine headaches, less or no pain with fibromyalgia and have a new source of energy that allows me to complete daily home and yard chores. This is especially helpful as I love to garden and tend to my flowers. For the past 4-5 years, I have had to limit activities as I haven't been strong enough to do this as I also have chronic fatigue. Recently, I have been able to begin a routine of walking which is allowing me to shop without becoming exhausted.

I believe Karen is not only a very knowledgeable healer but a gifted one as well. She is full of compassion and love and is sensitive to the whole person. With her acute sense of touch she was able to help me with physical problems that I have been dealing with my entire life.

With Karen's expertness in healing, encouragement and dietary counseling, I feel for the first time in 50 years that I can and will be WELL.

Karen has given me a new life of wellness and I will forever be grateful to her for her love, concern and healing.

The world is definitely a much better place because of healers like Karen."

Ilene Hazen


The injuries from my car vs. a semi-truck accident happened in May of 2015. After the accident I was so dizzy that when I walked I bounced from wall to wall, even when I used a cane. Every day felt the same. I felt extremely fatigued. I never left home except for medical appointments. I felt hopeless and scared about the sharp shooting pain in my head and hopeless about the relentless level 10 headache I had every day and night.

Dr. Debby Feinberg owner of Vision Specialists recommended that I see Karen. Since I am unable to drive due to injuries from my accident my loving sister volunteered to drive me to Ann Arbor. Our total driving time to see Karen is 6 ½ hours there and back for a one hour treatment. We started this healing trek in February of 2017 seeing Karen once a week.

I feel stronger. I walk in a straight line. I even go outside for walks and out to lunch with my son and sister now. The sharp shooting pain in my head is gone. My headaches used to be a ten now they are a four. I always look forward to that 6 ½ hour trip to Ann Arbor because I know with Karen’s help I will continue to heal.

Name withheld due to pending litigation.


In August 2016 I was in a horrific car accident which left me with multiple physical injuries and severe pain. Because of my injuries I wasn’t allowed to hold my two year old daughter. I was not allowed to drive nor was I able to work.

When I told my physical therapist at Probility who I was seeing for craniosacral therapy she said, “You are really lucky. Karen is famous for what she does.” Months later when I went to see my physical medicine doctor at Saint Joseph Hospital I told her how much Karen had helped me. The doctor smiled and said, “Karen is a healer in so many ways.”

Recently I was released to drive, go back to work, and yes, the best thing; I am holding my daughter.

Lisa Treat, Ann Arbor

Success Stories

Tics:  A 10-year-old female was continuously making unusual twisting neck movements.  She had endured years of constant questioning about her odd movements by her peers.  She was angry and defensive when she came in for treatment.  One cranial treatment released her tic.   I have never seen a child so happy as this child was after her treatment.

Back Pain:  A 58-year-old male was forced to leave his employment of 18 years because back pain interfered with his job.  He had spent years in various types of therapies. His employer spent time and money on an ergonomic work-station and a standing table.  Pain injections and medications did not provide relief.  He refused surgery.  He was unable to sit for over twenty minutes before debilitating back pain took over his body.  Transportation for him meant lying in the back of a vehicle while someone else drove.  He was unable to attend movie theatres for more than five years because of pain with sitting.  After his third cranial treatment, he went to the movies with his wife.  After his 8th cranial treatment, he traveled in the front seat of the car on an hour long trip.  He was able to make love again.  After his 10th treatment he returned to work with same employer!  His back pain level at discharge was mild.  Blue Cross reimbursed all his private therapy costs. 

Back Pain:  A 60-year-old female was diagnosed with DJD, degenerative arthritis, sacroilititis, pelvic dysfunction, IT band syndrome/inflammation, and fibromyalgia.  Because of pain and medications this patient quit her job.  She had received multiple types of major therapies and had many pain clinic visits.  Nothing helped.  After twelve craniosacral therapy treatments she wrote to her insurance company for reimbursement. This is what she said, I was shocked and surprised to find that I was sleeping better, thinking better, and having pain relief for the first time in years after having Karen’s treatments.”

Traumatic Brain Injury:  A 26-year-old male was assaulted in the head with a blunt object and was diagnosed with a closed head injury.  He suffered severe facial and jaw pain on the left side.  He had multiple types of therapies and even had pain injections, but still, no relief from pain.  After suffering with pain for 7 months, he was sent for craniosacral therapy treatments on a trial basis to see if it would help.  Six craniosacral therapy treatments totally eliminated his pain.


Craniosacral Case Studies

Sleep deprivation after fall from roof

Male, 45 years old sustained mild head injury and soft tissue trauma to the chest and hip. He received physical therapy and three months of daily intensive work hardening. After this period of time he continued to sleep only two hours per night. He was referred for cranial treatments to see if it would help restore his sleep. After two cranial treatments he slept 4 hours, after the third cranial treatment he slept 6 hours. He wept with gratitude for he was able to return to work. He was the father of five children. The impact of the fall shocked his nervous system as well as his lung diaphragm knocking the air out of his body. Trauma changes the connective tissue which affects the sensory and sympathetic nervous system. This disrupts a variety of processes; glandular function, vasomotor activity, organ function which in this particular case affected his sleep.

Traumatic brain injury with severe facial and jaw pain after an accident

A seventeen year old was in an auto accident, all the other passengers died. Her jaw was found on her chest. Twenty five years later at the age of 42 she was referred for craniosacral therapy. She presents with severe anxiety, extreme knee tapping when sitting, and eats only soft food because of face and jaw pain. On a daily basis she is found holding her face and jaw with her hand during the day even though she is on a lethal dose of pain medication. Within the first month craniosacral therapy treatments reduced her anxiety to situational rather than all the time. Months later it reduced her face and jaw pain. Her pain medication was reduced for the first time in twenty five years. She reports this is the happiest she has been in her adult life. If the assault is extreme fluid exchange processes between the ground substance and cells will be affected. Degenerative changes in the fasciae from the trauma impede biochemical processes. Hyperhydrosis can turn into hypohydrosis. The tissues will not be supplied with all the substances they need for normal function such as nutrients. Waste products of metabolic processes will not be efficiently removed. The body’s signal for this impediment is pain.

Middle aged female with severe neck, face and body pain from an auto accident eight years ago

The impact of the accident blew all four tires off the car. Pain is so severe she cries out frequently during the day. She is nonfunctioning and on heavy medication. The entire family has become ill from the stress of caring for someone in so much pain. Body systems were shocked. Interior microscopic explosion plausible, as blood blisters were found under her scalp. This person tolerated less than 5 grams of pressure initially to treat nervous system starting at distal trunk. She no longer screams out in pain. Her long term goal is to go back to work. This is now a realistic goal. The family is healing.


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